Strengthen Your Supply Chain without lifting a finger.

AP Express Working Capital enables your suppliers to be easily paid upon invoice approval with optional, low-cost funding from our funding partners.

Better for you

Leverage your existing AP Express integration to generate a data access fee that offsets your annual subscription

Provide a 100% optional, responsible and cost-effective way for suppliers to get faster payments

Strengthen the resiliency of your supply chain along with supplier relationships

No process changes, no risk, no financial guarantees, and no commitments

Supports the goals of:

Procurement: boost Corporate Social Responsibility by providing suppliers an optional , low-cost way to Get Paid Early if (and when) they need it

Finance: no process changes or costs (no financial guarantee required) and can be complementary to any other programs you may be running

Suppliers: registration is fast, easy, free, and available to your entire supplier base. Usage is 100% optional and does not force suppliers into any lengthy contract or commitment to accept early payment on an on-going basis

How it Works

Uses existing integration

The software is already included in your AP Express ERP integration so requires no cost or IT lift

A simple click

Suppliers simply click a “Pay Me Early” button in the Nivo1 Portal to complete a fast, click-through signup, then we notify you of the supplier’s updated bank details

No process changes

Suppliers continue to submit invoices following normal protocol and you continue to process them in AP Express, just as before

Suppliers get paid early

Suppliers then optionally select approved invoices for early payment and receive the full invoice amount less a small discount of 1-2%

You pay as normal

Once the invoice has matured, you simply pay the invoice as you normally would

Key benefits

No new technical integration
No changes to your existing AP processes
No financial guarantee or irrevocable payment undertaking (IPU)
No hidden costs or required minimums for you or your suppliers
We’ll manage and operate the entire program for you
Unlike bank-led SCF or other fintech programs, our solution requires no new technology integration, no financial guarantee, and is available to all suppliers
Typical Task
Bank SCF
Non-Bank Fintech
AP Express

ERP Integration Required?



Already Done

Guarantee (IPU) Required?




Suppliers Eligible

IG/Top Declile Only

All, but w/ IPU

All, Even long tail

Trade Payables Treatment at Risk?




Offset AP Software Subscription?




Requires AP team to toggle between payee bank accounts?




Overall Fit for Purpose

All you need to do

Provide supplier email addresses
To send secure, tokenized Portal invite links. Good news. If you don’t have this, we can collect them for you
Send an email
Send a one-time (bcc) notification email introducing the program (and AP Express) to your suppliers
Update Bank Details
As suppliers sign up for Working Capital, make a one-time update to their bank details
Provide Vendor or Lender Financials
Read-only access in whatever form is most convenient (VDR, Excel file, etc)