Shimano, Inc. is a Japanese multinational manufacturing company for cycling components, fishing tackles and rowing equipment. Shimano also produced golf supplies until 2005 and snowboarding gear until 2008. Founded in 1921, the brand began life as Shimano Iron Works, producing innovative components that helped shape bikes into the machines that we know and love today. Shimano has directly contributed to some of cycling’s biggest innovations, including indexed shifting, dual-pivot brakes and integrated shifting, among many others.


The need to eliminate manual processes, gain some much needed visibility and be compatible with JD Edwards World, led Shimano to AP Express for JD Edwards.

Laura Conklin, Accounts Payable Manager at Shimano North America, recalls the ‘biggest pain points,’ she and her team were looking to solve with AP Automation.

“We needed a complete solution. Not only was the elimination of data entry important, but we also understood the importance of finding a solution with a built-in workflow and escalation engine. On top of all that, we required a solution that was compatible with JD Edwards World – which can be challenging – since World is very outdated.” AP Express was able to check all of those boxes.

Prior to AP Express, Shimano had an extremely manual process.

“All invoices were emailed to a dedicated AP inbox monitored by several AP coordinators. The team would then save each PDF invoice to their folder, open the PDF, and then key them into the system.” Conklin then emphasized her biggest headache, “I then reviewed all the batches against the PDFs – so I had to reopen every single PDF to verify and then manually post it – and that was just invoice processing.” 

Approvals were another story…

AP Express cures uncertain, manual approval process.

“Invoices were sent via email to the approver – and we just hoped we would receive it back in a timely manner in order to then manually key it into the system,” Conklin said.  “This was a big gap in the process. It was very difficult to track and manage the invoices out for approval – and then somehow double check that you received them all back.  Our monthly accruals were somewhat of a challenge – until AP Express.”

AP Express provides Shimano with the visibility they needed.

“When we hit month end, it’s so nice to log into the AP Express dashboard and see exactly where we are. I have such a clear picture heading into month end – how many invoices are left to process and how many are needing approval.”

Key Takeaway

The functionality of the dashboard allows Conklin to focus on other things, rather than searching emails to see if anything was missed.

AP Express painlessly eliminates frantic payment runs

“Because of AP Express, we are getting invoices processed so much faster.  We would tend to scramble the day before a payment run – making sure anything that was due, was in the system – and now ALL of that has been eliminated. There is no backlog, no delay, and we now have more bandwidth to work on other things.” 

“I’ve done other implementations like this in the past and it’s inevitable that some people will give push back on a new system – however, with AP Express, there has been no hesitation. The system does what it’s meant to do, but it does it in such a simplified way that people aren’t afraid to use it.”

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March 2021
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