Old Dutch Foods

For over 85 years, Old Dutch Foods has been committed to creating the best in Quality Taste Sensations for their incredibly loyal customers throughout the Upper Midwest and Canada. A proud family-owned company, Old Dutch Foods has six manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Canada. From the very beginning, Old Dutch has developed and produced their unique and premium product portfolio using only the highest quality ingredients, which has stood the test of time as consumers young, and old continue to choose the iconic Windmill logo for their snacking needs. From their one of a kind boxed potato chip, to their signature flavor recipes, Old Dutch continues to satisfy consumers throughout the region and for generations to come.

Old Dutch Foods goes paperless and reduces invoice processing errors with AP Express

Julie Calef, Controller, with Old Dutch Foods had only one goal in mind when searching for an AP automation solution. “I needed to get rid of all the paper. Paper is just inefficient and riddled with error. It’s a disaster waiting to happen.”  Little did she know that her search would help her realize that an AP automation solution can do much more than just get rid of paper.

Calef evaluated many AP automation solutions. Each provider she spoke with was “going to make it work,” but it was going to require a lot of customization to integrate with their JD Edwards environment.  

Key Takeaway

Paper is inefficient and riddled with error, but other AP automation solutions offered more uncertainty than reassurance.

Old Dutch Foods identifies native integration with JD Edwards as critical to success

Calef recalls speaking with her IT team about her options – “our IT Director recommended I find a solution that was fully integrated with JDE. Not just files going back and forth but had communication syncing between the two systems.” Calef was not having much luck. She even began doubting a solution like this even existed. “Gosh I was starting to believe that it was just not out there. I had evaluated so many solutions and none of them spoke JDE. None of them fully integrated. That is, until we found AP Express.”

Key Takeaway

Native integration is much more reliable and cost effective than file-based integration, and in harmony with the objectives of digital transformation. Scan the QR Code to learn more.

Old Dutch Foods finally finds their perfect solution for AP Automation: AP Express

In just her first demo of AP Express, Calef remembers the Nivo1 team speaking JDE. “Your team spoke JD Edwards, knew the tables, knew the process.  You not only knew AP, but you were experts in our ERP and that was everything!”  She had finally found her solution! She described how Nivo1’s expertise and JDE integration eliminated 90% of issues right off the bat.  “Gosh, I can’t tell you how many people told me “yeah, we can do that, sure we can pull those tables, and in actuality couldn’t. The communication between AP Express and JD Edwards is unique and very valuable – it’s huge. I am so glad I didn’t go a different route.”

I can’t tell you how many people told me ‘yeah, we can do that, sure we can pull those tables,’ and in actuality couldn’t.

Old Dutch Foods goes paperless and adopts a new lifestyle with AP Automation

Old Dutch Foods was preparing for the pandemic and didn’t even know it.  “We really lucked out with the timing of our implementation” Calef said. “We went live with AP Express in the fall of 2019, which gave our accounting department the flexibility to still work efficiently from home during COVID. Our team wasn’t tied to stack of papers, on a desk, in the office. It was a complete lifestyle change. And a better one at that.”

Old Dutch Foods finds what it is looking for in Nivo1 and AP Express – a true AP Automation partner

Having worked with multiple accounting software solutions and companies throughout the years, Nivo1 is different because you have a product, and you stand behind it so much so that you do your own implementations, your own ongoing support, and you are constantly improving the product. The desire to continuously improve your product stuck out to me. You are always soliciting feedback and putting that feedback into action – and that is unique.”

Julie Calef Controller
Old Dutch Foods