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KCI is a 100-percent employee-owned engineering, consulting and construction firm serving clients throughout the United States and beyond. It’s multi-disciplined service offerings allow KCI to provide exceptional turnkey expertise to federal, state and local government agencies, as well as institutional and private-sector clients. More than 2,000 employee-owners, working from offices across the United States, offer technical expertise in transportation, resource management, environmental, telecommunications, utilities, facilities, and construction management.

KCI’s Accounts Payable Manager, Abbey Krysiak, recalls her department’s biggest pain point before choosing AP Automation

Prior to implementing AP Express, all invoices were emailed to a centralized inbox, which was monitored by 2-3 AP processors, who then sorted and forwarded the invoices along via email to the appropriate Project Manager for approval. We then all crossed our fingers and “hoped” these invoices would make it back to our department which we then manually enter into Oracle E-Business Suite.”

“People were also dragging their feet on approvals because it was just a simple, generic email, sitting in their inboxes asking for approval. I felt it was pure luck if every invoice I sent out that week returned back to me approved.”

AP Automation provides simplicity and visibility

It was a lot of responsibility on my team in AP to guide the invoice through the process rather than the process guiding the invoice to approval…

…it’s so nice having a centralized system where everything can go. You have your dashboard to help prioritize work and track just about everything! It gives us an overview of where we are sitting and helps identify any bottlenecks.”

Q: Did AP Express provide a more streamlined process?

A: “Ooooh yeah.”

The benefits of AP Express reach far beyond the AP Department

ll KCI employees have access to the AP Express Archive – which enables each employee the capability to search for invoice copies on their own. Krysiak almost forgot to mention this because she dreaded it so much, but “prior to AP Express, when an employee requested an invoice – my team went to the file cabinet, pulled the invoice, scanned, and emailed the invoice and then refiled the invoice. We were asked to do this every single day, numerous times a day. Now everyone can just log into AP Express, go to the Archive, and search away! It’s all there, right at their fingertips.”

AP Automation eliminated KCI’s need to “babysit”

Not only was visibility key for Krysiak, but the built-in escalation functionality of AP Express has come to her rescue numerous times. “The fact that we can process an invoice and the system automatically escalates for approval when necessary is huge. We are no longer babysitting or chasing people for approvals. AP Express does all the work.”  Krysiak ended by saying “AP Express supports our Accounts Payable department entirely. It truly took the stress off my team. If we didn’t have AP Express, we, as AP would still be communicating via email and chasing people for approvals.”

AP Express does all the work.

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