Breckenridge Pharmaceutical, Inc.

Breckenridge Pharmaceutical, Inc., a subsidiary of Towa Pharmaceutical (Osaka, Japan), partners with manufacturers nationwide and around the world to bring quality, cost-effective generic pharmaceuticals to U.S. patients. With their dedication to customer service, on-time delivery, reliable supply and quality manufacturing, they strive to impact the health of the patients they and their customers serve.

Barry Olah, Director of IT Operations at Breckenridge Pharmaceutical, Inc (BPI) recalls the challenges the Accounts Payable (AP) process encountered prior to automation.

“Our process was very manual, and frankly, a lot of work. Once the invoices were received by the AP team, the invoices needed to be deciphered and then manually entered in JD Edwards. Once entered in the system, the team then manually ran reports for management to review and authorize for payment.”

“The process required a lot of manual work – and just too many steps.”

BPI’s approval workflow was just as convoluted.

“A lot of it was sending an email with the attached invoice to who they ‘thought’ was the right person. If it wasn’t the right person, they then ‘hoped’ it was forwarded to the right person, and then that invoice would sit in someone’s mailbox until it was approved – which could be days, or weeks.”

“Again, a lot of running around trying to get approvals.”

BPI evaluated many different automation products, but only one solution stood out.

“AP Express offered a very cost effective, easy to use, easy to set up and productive solution to Accounts Payable Approval workflow automation.”

“The AP Express team members were very knowledgeable and professional, offering guidance, expertise, and support throughout the entire project implementation. Their team offered skills in order to facilitate getting the system through the whole project life cycle and implemented into production in under 30 business days.

Key Takeaway

Nivo1’s expertise in JD Edwards and process automation made the implementation process quick and easy.

The benefits of AP Express reach every part of the organization

“BPI is seeing the benefits of AP Express in every single aspect of our process.

“Automating things and making them streamlined and consistent, helped us save not only time but also money. And with our implementation of AP Express – with its AI Powered smart data capture and its ability to get the invoices automatically into the system and attach to records, along with having a dashboard to help the team manage the invoices – have all definitely helped streamline the process and save us time and money everywhere.”

Key Takeaway

BPI’s approval workflow has seen vast improvements, including a reduction in the number of errors and a reduction in the amount of overall effort needed by team members.

Since implementing AP Express, the BPI AP team is now able to concentrate on other daily tasks, instead of chasing multiple departments for a simple approval.

“We were faced with the challenges of gathering many invoices from many different sources; having the daunting tasks of trying to route the invoices to the responsible departments for all the necessary approvals – all while fielding questions and inquiries from vendors, department leaders and employees. We needed a solution…and fast. And we found one in AP Express.”

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