AMLI Residential

Founded in 1980 as AMLI Realty Co. and now owned by PRIME property Fund, a core, open-ended, institutional real estate fund managed by Morgan Stanley, AMLI Residential has grown to be a prominent, well-respected multifamily real estate developer and owner. The company is focused on the development, acquisition and management of luxury apartment communities. AMLI is committed to customer service and providing their residents a worry-free, high-value living experience in their communities. AMLI® is a brand name representing high quality, exceptional service and superior value.

AMLI Residential Speeds Invoice Processing with AP Express by Nivo1

Most companies searching for an AP Automation solution are looking for a solution to reduce manual entry, eliminate a paper-heavy process and streamline the approval process. Tiffany Thomas, AMLI’s AP Manager, knew AP Express would alleviate these challenges, but she was pleasantly surprised about another challenge AP Express solved. “Implementing AP Express allowed us to restructure how we receive and assign invoices.”

Prior to AP Express, AMLI encouraged its vendors to send invoices to a distribution AP email inbox that was monitored by its several AP team members. Each team member was then responsible to monitor the email inbox, dig through hundreds of emails, and find their specific invoice to process. “As you can imagine, this process was extremely difficult to manage and wasted too much time and effort,” said Thomas. 

Key Takeaway

AP Express solved pain points AMLI Residential didn’t even know they had – allowing them to fundamentally restructure their invoice processes.

An AP Automation Platform that strengthens supplier relationships and supply chain resiliency

Today, most of AMLI’s invoices are now sent directly to a dedicated AP email account and then AUTOMATICALLY forwarded to AP Express. From there, AP Express automatically assigns the invoice to the correct team member for processing. 

“No more digging through emails, no more manually forwarding. My team simply logs into AP Express and finds only the invoices that they need to work on. The entire process is much faster and more efficient, enabling AMLI to stay on top of all invoices on a daily basis,” stated Thomas. “The ability to auto-assign was key for us. I can’t tell you how much easier life has been for my team since implementing AP Express.” 

No more digging through emails, no more manually forwarding.

No looking back.

Thomas is convinced that AP Express was the right choice for AMLI.

“AP Express has helped us automate our end-to-end AP process while providing our team with the visibility they need to approve invoices and make better financial decisions. It is a solution that lets us manage our entire business more effectively.”

Key Statistics

Invoice volume
55,000 per year
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October 2017
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