Advantages of Being in the Early Majority for AP Automation

This is the third installment in series of blog posts regarding the Diffusion of Innovation. In the previous blogs, I provided an overview of the concept, discussed the characteristics of buyers in the “early majority” phase, and the penalties associated with being late (crop failure being just one example). Now let’s turn to the advantages.

You have a voice

Early adopters and those in the early majority have a voice in product priorities and overall direction. We at Nivo1 certainly subscribe to this belief. Our initial customers helped us define product functionality, identify gaps, and refine the user interface. Their voice is particularly beneficial in the early stages of product development. However, it is never ignored, even as the product matures. Their voice creates significant value for their employer as well, ensuring that the product aligns with the business requirements.

You have a pulpit

What good is a voice without a place to make yourself and your company heard? Early adopters and the early majority are frequently called upon by the vendor to serve as references, support webinars and events, and provide quotes for press releases and product collateral. Your pulpit is your leverage. The best vendors will go out of their way to ensure your company’s success.

You have a brighter future

There was a time when I regarded the departure of a strong customer advocate as a dark day. Then I realized that the success generated at their current company propelled them into a new and better role at a new company. We actually contributed to their professional success. Their “human capital” increased by dint of the success of the project. They became “the thought leaders” within their industry circle. They possessed a louder voice, stood on a bigger pulpit, and influenced a larger audience. Many leveraged their experience and started new businesses focused exclusively on the technology.

Just do it

We are in the early majority phase. 60% of companies have no AP automation whatsoever. That’s pretty remarkable. After all, AP automation scales with your business, reduces errors, improves morale, and helps you close the books faster.  Done right, it can be up and running in as little as 30 days and deliver an exceptional ROI. Get your voice and get started on AP automation in 2024.