AP Express Supplier Information Management

AP Express AI continuously captures, stages, cleans and prepares incoming supplier data.
Data presented to suppliers through the AP Express Supplier Portal for validation.
Once validated, supplier information available to easily upload to your ERP.

Cleaner data. Fewer errors.

Having clean supplier data is not only critical to the success of AP Automation, it drives broader efficiencies and saves time, resources, and money. But building and maintaining a supplier contact database is not an easy task. That’s why AP Express provides an integrated supplier master data management solution.

The platform collects, cleanses, and validates supplier contact and bank account information, which is constantly and continually updated as new invoices from suppliers are submitted through our system. Our AI powered data capture engine can accurately match incoming contact data with a specific supplier, rendering “clean” info available for synchronization / upload back into your ERP.

Reduce cost of managing supplier information
Ensure quality and consistency of supplier data
Put an end to piecemeal updates and outdated information
Gain insight into your suppliers and relationships
Drive compliance with regulations and internal controls
Reduce overall supplier operational risk